Summer Kick-Off in the City!

June 20, 2016

Summer Kick-Off in the City!

To celebrate International Picnic Day, Rose Month, Candy Month & to kick off to summer we joined forces with Peggy Andrews, the brilliant founder of Dosha Pops for a picnic on The High Line in Manhattan last Saturday. It was the perfectly sunny and gorgeous day to dine on whole foods and to comfortably sit on black, pink and red RestoPresto blankets, which created a soft barrier (added bonus: we also avoided splinters from the wooden chaise lounges)!

Enjoying artisanal mouth-watering Ayurvedic rose tea lollipops is almost impossible to describe so my advice is to try them for yourself! Here is a link to the website: Oh and don't forget to take the Dosha Test on the website to find out your Dosha and which lollipops are perfect for you! Innovation + well-being = genius!

RestoPresto and summer go hand and hand so visit our online store to find out more and to purchase your multi-functional, water-repellent, UPF 50+, soft thin blanket for all of your summer outings.

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