• RestoPresto compact pouch converts to a soft wearable blanket
  • RestoPresto makes spontaneous & planned outings more comfortable!
  • The compact pouch converts to a versatile, soft, wearable blanket!
  • RestoPresto is a thin soft wearable blanket!

RestoPresto® is a wearable blanket!

Compact. Lightweight. Soft. Thin. Water-repellent. UPF 50+. Durable. Multi-Functional. Made in the USA.

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The patented "all-in-one" design has snaps, drawstrings and loops so it can be configured how and when you need it the most.

Sit on it! Sit under it! Wear it!


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For use by all ages, indoors and outdoors during the four seasons.

Be #ReadyForAnything with RestoPresto®