Happy 107th Birthday to the Girls Scouts!

March 12, 2019

Happy 107th Birthday to the Girls Scouts!

In 2016, I was invited to Skype with the 5th Grade Junior Girl Scout Troop #1204 in St. Petersburg, FL to discuss my experiences with bringing the concept of RestoPresto to life as the young women worked on their Product Design Badge.  

In honor of my heartwarming & excellent experience with Troop #1204 and the Girl Scout's 107th Birthday, I am reposting the original blog here:


New (and seasoned) entrepreneurs are accustomed to facing the unknown and encountering surprises on a daily basis. So when an unexpected opportunity comes your way for the first time and it turns into a delightful experience, it is definitely worth sharing.

This is where the the 5th Grade Junior Girl Scout Troop #1204 of St. Paul Catholic School enters the picture!

When one of my original RestoPresto customers (Kickstarter supporter) invited me to speak to the young women of Girl Scout Troop #1204 as they begin working on their Product Design Badge, I excitedly accepted. I have great admiration for the Girl Scouts of America and knew that connecting with 9, 10 & 11 year olds to talk about designing and creating RestoPresto from scratch would be really cool.

I was right! We Skyped and it was awesome! The goal was for me to help a Girl Scout Troop on the topic of product design, however the positive energy that I gleaned from this gaggle of girls truly gave me a helpful boost. What an honor!

Good luck with your Product Design Badge, ladies!

- Candi Obrentz

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