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With RestoPresto® you are equipped with a portable versatile extra layer to use how and when you need it the most!

Spontaneous outing? Planned event? Winter, spring, summer or fall.
Indoors and outdoors. Use your multi-functional RestoPresto®
for picnics, at the beach, while traveling, during unexpected weather changes, at sport events, for child care, while camping, at festivals, on playgrounds, while commuting, when exercising on the go, with pets and so much more!
RestoPresto® is the only compact, water-repellent, super soft mat that you can sit on, sit under and wear.


How do people RestoPresto®?
Check out the video and photos to catch a glimpse!

        Resto Presto Scarf  RestoPresto Hood RestoPresto Scarf

RestoPresto® Details: