Our Story

RestoPresto® was invented as the result of 100% demand and 0% supply.


Founder Candi Obrentz made an impromptu visit to Central Park in New York on a beautiful day without a blanket or towel so she sat on her jacket, which became damp and grass stained (yuk!).  This led to an extensive search for a portable and versatile product to have readily available for the next planned or spontaneous occasion. When she realized that a compact item like this was not available on the market…she created it herself!

RestoPresto® is thoughtfully constructed for all ages to sit on, sit under and wear indoors and outdoors during the four seasons. It is a lightweight, thin and durable innovation that has an "all-in-one" patented clever design so the mat can be removed and stuffed back into the integrated small stretchy pouch quickly and easily.  There are no parts to misplace. The open mat has drawstrings, loops and snaps so the configurations of the soft, water-repellent and UPF 50+ fabric are endless.

Candi identified a gap in the market for a transportable convenience product so she crafted RestoPresto® to be multi-functional to meet the diverse needs of on-the-go consumers.

RestoPresto® is designed, assembled and manufactured in the USA. We use minimal packaging to reduce waste and to reduce our ecological footprint. Being socially conscious is in our DNA and we are committed to doing our very best for our customers and our planet. Every day.

Her goal is simple.  
Provide numerous, easy solutions in one product to make busy lives easier.

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