Riding the MADE IN THE USA wave!

July 06, 2016

Riding the MADE IN THE USA wave!

America just turned 240 years young, which prompted a bit of reflection on opportunity!

The founder of RestoPresto, Candi Obrentz, worked in banking for 16 years and after leaving the industry, had a thunderbolt idea for a portable, compact convenience product after not being able to find one on the market.

0% supply & 100% led to research, development, 15+ prototypes, a lot of work and PRESTO: RestoPresto was born!

To create a product from scratch and launch it to the market happened because of opportunity! The USA is a land of opportunity and for that, Candi is very grateful.

RestoPresto is a compact pouch that quickly converts to a water-repellent, UPF 50+, soft, thin blanket that you can sit on, sit under & wear! RestoPresto was granted a design patent, has a utility patent pending and is MADE IN THE USA! 

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