IN THE NEWS! Candi Obrentz featured on Yahoo Finance sharing business owner tips!

July 01, 2017

IN THE NEWS! Candi Obrentz featured on Yahoo Finance sharing business owner tips!


I am thrilled to share one of my many many tips for running a lean and mean business in this article by smart shopping expert Trae Bodge on Yahoo! Finance &

The particular entrepreneurial secret that I shared is one of my faves because every new venture needs publicity. Yes EVERY one: products AND services. Hiring a PR agency is expensive but learning PR strategies, tips, getting leads (huge) and obtaining personalized, energetic support from an expert PR Coach is the way to go and Sabina Hitchen is the answer! Check out the Sabina Knows website and sign up for her FREE newsletter NOW! You can thank me later!  

Running RestoPresto is the most incredible experience so launching my additional new consulting business is a grand feat! My goal is to personally connect with great people who have GREAT ideas for products but do not know what to do next. Whether it is a dream, a sketch, a prototype or a finished product, any stage is welcome and as everyone knows, it takes a village to bring a product to market:  I know because I have BEEN THERE & DONE THAT! RestoPresto was born out of necessity: NO supply for BIG demand of a high quality versatile, easily transportable textile item that could be used how and when it is needed in an instant. I know how challenging the process is of taking an idea swimming around in your head and making it a reality SO when you work with me, I will customize a solution for what you need and open up my vast Rolodex (okay, contacts list) to introduce you to the experts that you need to meet your business goals. Contact me with questions (big or small):

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