Hint Mama & RestoPresto Team up for a Giveaway!

September 20, 2016

Hint Mama & RestoPresto Team up for a Giveaway!

We love savvy moms who share tips and there is NOTHING like our friends at Hint Mama who blog about how to make parenthood easier, cheaper and a bit more humorous!

So we are super excited to partner with Hint Mama on a RestoPresto Pack Giveaway. Here’s the 411: Click on the link to the incredible review of RestoPresto from a genuine MOM customer, log into Hint Mama and register! The winner will get a RestoPresto. branded carabiner, mini-stakes, instruction guide and luggage tag.

Now about that review…..the wonderfully descriptive and informative article called “Today’s Hint: A Multipurpose Mat Worth Knowing About & Giveaway” was written by one of our original, super savvy and fantastic customers: Karen Witham. Karen rightly points out that RestoPresto will grow with your child. From nursing your infant to outdoor play as a toddler; from a newly backpack wearing elementary school student to soccer games; from Middle School field trips to High School extra-curricular activities - RestoPresto is a compact, thin mat that kids of all ages can sit on, sit under and wear!

Durable yet sophisticated, the design and utility are appealing to various personalities and tastes of people all of who lead active and busy lives!

Check it out, sign up for the giveaway, share it with your network and don’t forget to follow Hint Mama and Karen Witham on social media!





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