4 ways RestoPresto will instantly improve an uncomfortable situation!

July 18, 2016

4 ways RestoPresto will instantly improve an uncomfortable situation!

4 Ways RestoPresto will instantly improve an uncomfortable moment!

1) You are leaving the salon after getting a blowout and it starts to rain…. you don’t have an umbrella! Back in the day, there were disposable plastic hair bonnets for a reason…to preserve a precious hairdo. Today, we have RestoPresto, which fits in your purse and is ready in a pinch to wear as a water-repellent hood.

2) You are at an afternoon baseball game & it’s hot. The sun goes down and the temperature drops significantly. You need an extra layer for warmth. Since you are restricted as to what you can bring into the stadium, you are traveling light. Lucky for you, RestoPresto fits in a stadium approved bag or can be clipped to the outside of a bag or belt loop for an instant wrap or scarf.

3) Traveling on an airplane and you decide against using a questionable, potentially dirty airline blanket and confidently untuck your clean RestoPresto from its compact pouch to use it as a light cover! Sweet dreams!

4) A gorgeous afternoon = impromptu picnic. Your portable RestoPresto is the perfect 55" x 31" soft solution to make your spontaneous outing easy!

There are SO many ways to summer with RestoPresto! Click on the photo of the model wearing an RestoPresto as a hood to find out more! 

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