The most original & cutest use of RestoPresto award goes to....

June 02, 2016

The most original & cutest use of RestoPresto award goes to....

From far away, this photo looks like a little red tent…with a face. Up close, you will see that it is a gorgeous little boy snapped up in a red #RestoPresto.

The Mother of this youngster is an educated consumer and original supporter of RestoPresto so when she said that her son LOVES that RestoPresto is part fort and part engineering experience (due to the snaps) both of which kept him cozy on an unexpectedly chilly morning at the playground, my cup runneth over with pride.

From the beginning, the mission of RestoPresto was to be an easily transportable solution to every day challenges like the need for a clean extra layer to sit on and to keep you warm or dry when the weather changes. After seeing this adorable photo, I am more convinced than ever that the mission was accomplished.  I will add "personal tent cocoon" to that list of ways our happy customers use RestoPresto right now!

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