Unofficially Kicking Off Summer with RestoPresto

May 27, 2016

Unofficially Kicking Off Summer with RestoPresto

Whether you live in the suburbs, the city, the country, on campus or even on a boat, RestoPresto is the ultimate convenience product because of its design and utility.
The lightweight compact pouch converts to a thin, soft, water-repellent, UPF 50+ multi-functional blanket. With snaps, loops and drawstrings, the blanket can be configured how and when you need it the most. You can literally sit ON, sit UNDER & wear RestoPresto
You can find out more and shop the RestoPresto website. Oh and please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest: @RestoPresto. You will be supporting a small business that proudly designs, assembles and manufactures in the USA.

Happy early Summer! 

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