When our magical Disney trip was made easier with RestoPresto!

May 17, 2016

When our magical Disney trip was made easier with RestoPresto!

Visiting Disney World after a 16-year hiatus was quite spectacular! So much has changed (the Disney App, FastPass+, MagicBands, PhotoPass = WOW) and thankfully the Park was just as magical as I remembered.


The last time I was there, the idea for RestoPresto was somewhere in my consciousness because I have always craved gadgets that add convenience to my life and wanted a RestoPresto years before I invented it from scratch. SO, using my product invention at the Happiest Place on Earth was quite a thrill! We used it to sit on when taking Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar breaks and when the sun went down, it was surprisingly breezy and cool in Orlando so guess what? We wore our RPs as scarves and wraps at Disney and Epcot for extra warmth.



Whether you travel or not, you no longer have to wish upon a star to find the perfect multi-functional on-the-go convenience product that is portable, lightweight, multi-water-repellent, UPF 50+, durable and soft. RestoPresto is a compact pouch that quickly converts to a thin blanket that you can sit on, sit under AND wear when you need it the most. An instant solution for all ages to use during all seasons inside and outdoors!

Be #ReadyForAnything with this patented clever gadget that is thoughtfully designed with YOU in mind and is manufactured in the USA! Click here for more info: RestoPresto makes busy lives easier!

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