4 Ways RestoPresto makes festivals easier!

April 11, 2016

4 Ways RestoPresto makes festivals easier!

It's festival season, folks and RestoPresto is ready to keep you drier, warmer, and more comfy! Here are just a few ways:

1) Clip RestoPresto to your backpack or belt loop (YES, it actually works) or seamlessly carry it in your tote so that you are #ReadyForAnything.

2) Damp ground? No problem for water-repellent RestoPresto, your instant ground cover!

3) Temperature drop? Wear RestoPresto as a wrap or scarf for extra warmth.

4) Unexpected rain? Simply snap RestoPresto under your chin and keep your hands free to do whatever you want:

RestoPresto® is a thoughtfully designed product that converts from a small pouch to a versatile extra layer to use how you need it in an instant. With snaps, drawstrings and loops, it can be configured in tons of different ways so it is the perfect solution for everything from an impromptu picnic in the park to an outdoor concert to traveling on planes, trains & automobiles to sitting on the beach to accommodating a temperature change or jaunt in the snow or rain...it is an ideal gadget to have when on-the-go. Made in the USA.


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